China Accuses Australia Of Concocting Lies, US The Culprit

Ally of USA, Australia is now picking on China on various issue including the theory behind the Covid-19 and its origin and the accusation of the Communist government using various organisation across the world to gather intelligence.

The latest finger pointing has not gone well within the Chinese ranks who have asked its citizens to thinkk twice before visiting or sending their children to study in down under. This comes after a report from an Australian institute for strategic policy, claimed China is collecting intelligence through “thousands” of organisations, affecting overseas Chinese communities and foreign elites and promoting Chinese interests.

On a counter attack, spokesperson Hua Chunying told a news briefing that the particular institute which released the report has long received financial support from the United States government and U.S. arms dealers and is keen on concocting and hyping anti-China topics.

“The academic credibility of the institute is seriously in question,” said Hua, adding that this very institute also concocted the report related to the Uyghur issue in  Xinjiang. “Interfering in other countries’ internal affairs has never been part of China’s diplomacy, nor is it what we excel at. We hope that external forces will stop trying to make this an issue,” she added.

China is at a warpath with US after trade discussion stalled amidst the pandemic in the mean time President Donald Trump continues to blame China for the virus outbreak, trade disparity, stealing of IP, spying, bullying Hong Kong and accused it mistreating its minority Muslims.

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