Celcom: We’re Really Sorry

Yesterday Celcom hit a little snag in their services, when the network went down in the morning on 13 June.

After quickly sending out an announcement on Twitter yesterday, Celcom has issued a formal statement regarding the incident. The incident was attributed to faults during “troubled network upgrade”.

The statement noted that technical glitches were detected “as Celcom was conducting upgrades to migrate from 60Gbps to 100Gbps on its technology partner’s platform. The migration had encountered serious engineering challenges with a sudden surge of traffic outflow, resulting in a severe congestion to some of Celcom’s nodes in Subang HiTech and Kepong.”

Although Celcom noted network failures starting at 7am  yesterday, we heard reports of outages happening since 12 June. We are not sure if that is a related matter.

“Following Celcom’s efforts to significantly improve and enrich its customers’ mobile communication experience, the company acknowledges that there was a network interruption today due to its efforts to double up customer data capacity, where the upgrade exercise failed. Unfortunately, this had caused an outage for several hours, beginning from 7am.

Celcom would like to apologise to its postpaid and prepaid customers, for the inconvenience caused related to data and voice interruptions, as they were unable to place calls and access internet data specifically, on 2G and 3G networks.”

Azwan Khan Osman Khan, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Business Operations also said in a statement “We regret this inconvenience from the bottom of our hearts and we hope our customers will continue to support us. We apologise that the system upgrade today was not as seamless as anticipated, however, our technical teams had restored the system to a normal state as at 2.00pm on the same day nationwide.”



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