Celcom Takes Cheap Potshot At U Mobile

How the times have changed, there was a time when the likes of Celcom and Maxis used to snigger at U Mobile whenever asked about their presence in the market place as the fourth telco. We could understand why then, like a young child the new player had tumbled along the way and was never seen as serious contender to the big three (including Digi)

But U Mobile is no longer the small kid, all grown up the young adult has 5 million subscriber with 1 million on postpaid and has just released itself from the clutches of Maxis for its network strength. CEO, Wong Heang Tuck even boldly announced an RM 1 billion investment in 4G infrastructure, having more towers and started trials on the future with 5G technology.

So, when PC.com saw this post by Celcom currently the number three operator behind Maxis and Digi with approximately 10 million users, the telco must be feeling the heat resorting to cheap tactics against a company half its size. ¬†Does the Blue guy feel threatened? Surely not from U Mobile, instead of looking ahead of the two in front who have improved on their services and coverage especially on 4G, Celcom chooses to take on the little guy. Shame on you! Yes we know, their coverage is not that fantastic heck we also know their 4G is not extensive or as robust but before U Mobile there wasn’t such low prices and cheap data. The disruptor has taught the big boys a thing or two about democratising mobile plans and we hope to see more from them for the betterment of the consumers.

There is room for growth and we believe U Mobile will get there meanwhile Celcom with nearly 30 years in business should have been leaps ahead and lead the industry but look where it is now, constant signal failures and low customer perception. Get your act together before you take potshots!

(Footnote: A little clarification is required here, before Celcom uploaded this post on their facebook page it was U Mobile who kicked off a sneaky attack on a recently introduced postpaid plan that possibly made Celcom retaliate.)

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