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Canon EOS 77D Perfect For Vloggers

Canon EOS 77D Perfect For Vloggers

The Canon EOS 77D is one of the recently launched models from the Japanese imaging company, and the feature set of the camera makes it very enticing for those who shoots both photos and videos for work or play. The camera inherits many features from older models, but now in a lighter body that is very good for video bloggers who needs to have their cameras at an arm’s length.

More features to shake a stick at
Not only it has the latest Canon APS-C sensor with a resolution of 24.2 megapixels, it has the latest imaging processor (DiGiC 7), and the latest STM kit lens, it now comes with a top LCD panel to show important statuses that is useful for the photographer or videographer. Plus, the grip is one of the more comfortable handholds for a camera we have used in a while.

Full Canon Ecosystem Support
The mount on the EOS 77D supports the many lenses that Canon has released before. Canon also released new STM lenses that fits perfectly with this camera, as it gives a linear progression of focusing and zoom action when the lens is rotated.

Great Photos, Good Videos
Thanks to their long standing in the imaging segment, the EOS 77D carries the legacy of great imaging prowess that other Canon cameras carry before. The images does have the traditional warm-tint that is present with Canon cameras, but that is more of a personal taste that design. It also captures videos, but it is limited to Full HD footage. In an age of 4K videos, this is a handicap.

Evolution not Revolution
The EOS 77D is more of an evolution in the line-up than a revolution, as the features are not new, just that it is re-packaged into a new form factor. However the new package is welcomed as the EOS 77D is a solid performer that is a great buy for just about anyone – regardless if they are novices starting their journey in photography/videography, or even semi-professionals who are looking for a more capable camera.

Highlight 1 – Fold-out Screen
It comes with a touch-enabled, flip-out screen that makes it easy to compose shots.
Highlight 2 – Lighter than air
The EOS 77D is the lightest mid-tier camera from Canon thus far – just a bit over 1/2KG!
Highlight 3 – Robust Plastic Construction
The lightweight nature of the camera is thanks to the polycarbonate build – however it is very robust
Highlight 4 – Full feature yet compact
It has everything you would expect from a higher tier DSLR, in a smaller package

First 24 Hours
Hour 1 – Oh heck, that is so light!
Hour 8 – Hmm, the camera performs really well
Hour 18 – A heavy lens may be a bane for this body
Hour 24 – A good camera indeed

by Shahril Rahman

Price: RM 4,399
Dimensions (WxHxD): 131.0 x 99.9 x 76.2mm
Weight: 540 grams
Sensor: APS-C
Storage : SD/SDHC/SDXC card
Display: 3.0-inch touch-screen articulating LCD 1,040,000 dots
Connectivity: WiFi
Ports: Mini HDMI/Audio Jack/microUSB
V – 9
P – 9
F – 9
D – 9
U – 9
Total – 9 (Platinum Award)
Verdict: A great camera for up and rising photographers and videographers

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