Biostar GK3 Spill, Dust, Waterproof Mechanical Keyboard

image001Durable yet affordable gaming keyboards are hard to come by, you might get one but not the other. Entering the highly octane’d market for the first time, Biostar who have been making motherboards and other peripherals for the gaming community is now testing waters with its GK3 mechanical gaming keyboard.

Priced at $44.99 (RM200) the keyboard uses OUTEMU blue switches which are rated for 50 million actuations and known to have lengthy usage life that also features anti-ghosting effects.

With 7 backlight modes users can choose their colour mode based on the games they are playing, the keys can also withstand rough environments and are designed against spills., dust and to a certain degree waterproof. The PCB is coated with special chemicals to protect against liquid spills and the keyboard is sloped to channel water away for easy clean up.


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