Review: ASUS GeForce GTX780 STRIX OC Edition

Pushing the boundaries of ASUS GeForce GTX780 STRIX OC Edition.

Byline: By Din

I thought I’d seen all of ASUS’ GPU technology. From the awesome DirectCU II (DCU II)platform to its Republic of Gamers (ROG) takes, it is clear it has managed to push the boundaries of the performance the current generation is offering. I’d never imaging that the world somehow managed to introduce something else.However, the notion is proven many times over and, hence, be used as an inspiration to build the STRIX concept, the latest moniker from ASUS. What is this STRIX? Well son, it’s time for you to sit down and read on as I share everything you’d need to know about ASUS’ other big effort for 2014.


Big Predator
The ASUS GTX 780 STRIX OC Edition comes in a rather large box. The box itself looks inconspicuous enough but what made it stand out is the new STRIX logo ASUS developed – a hawk/owl like tribal logo – and slapped on the top of the package. The box feels rather heavy, something that all ASUS GPU cards seem to share. Within, you will find the graphics system tucked tightly in its own polystyrene enclosure. A smaller box, which includes the drivers, manual, and SLi ribbon, is located below the main package.Oh yes, I must mention that a MOLEX to 4-pin VGA power connector is thrown in as well. Not every day a GPU of this calibre needing only one power source cable.

Look Into My Eyes
The ASUS GTX780 STRIX comes totally in black. Only the top of the dual-fan unit has a rounded-edged red sticker – a cut-out that is specifically made to look like a pair of eyes if you look at it from the bottom. The cooling design is very similar to the DCU II type that ASUS proudly loads on its Republic of Gamers (ROG) platform. Unabashedly, there is a Direct CU II logo emblazoned on the large aluminium backplate that this STRIX entry uses. Of course, the piece of metal is there to protect card from bending under its own weight as per those used on other DCU II/ROG product ranges. Thus, when it comes to heat dissipation, you know this card has all the hallmarks of a DCU II enabled GPU and, on some levels, even more so.



Silent Killer
Really, what is STRIX? Besides ASUS’ attempt at coming up with a cool name, STRIX is the name for a piece of technology that specifically keeps the GPU silent. To achieve this,the Taiwanese graphics maker has pre-programmed its new innovation to shut down the cooling fans when not in use or when it is under a certain temperature threshold. I had still been reading about its capabilities during the booting sequence of the PC after I plugged the GTX 780 STRIX in.

Effective Timing
Imagine my sudden surprise and rising alarm when I first realised the fans are not moving during the power-up sequence. So, unexpected and worrisome. I had to leave it alone since the details claim that the cooling system not being engaged is part of the STRIX system. Amazingly, and thankfully, the coolers started to kick in halfway through my Fire Strike ULTRA test. Guess, I can safely say the benchmarking process for ULTRA is a real doozy!

Large Wings
Did I mention how the ASUS GTX780 STRIX comes with 6GB of DDR5 graphics-type RAM? No? Well, now you know. Surprised? So am I!6GB means you won’t have any problems with games that have Ultra graphics settings. No need to be shy any more about ramping up the visual performance or hiding behind mid-range graphics. Aw yeah! The higher RAM count also means you are being future-proofed as well. How? Well, there is 4K gamingto consider. Perhaps a triple monitor setup to be paired with that 4K enabled system? Those two and so many enriched capabilities are no problems at all thanks to the improvements used! This card should, and WOULD, be able to handle those really high resolutions/combinations.

Truly Soaring
The ASUS GTX780 STRIX is one fine card to behold. Silent and deadly, it is no wonder the logo used is a motif of a deadly hawk/owl. The large VRAM also is a major perk since you usually won’t find a GPU with this much VRAM built-in on the market. If anything, I wished that it had been the GTX 870 Ti instead of the vanilla GTX 780 that is used for this STRIX performance boost. Even so, this quiet graphics card really whooped the behind for many of its compatriots and bitter rivals. If silence is the golden rule for you yet you need something powerful, thenyou really need to consider the GTX 780 STRIX for your gaming rig.


Dimensions (W x H x D): 287 x 147 x 43.1mm
Chipset: NVIDIA GTX780
Memory: 6GB GDDR5
Core Clock:  889MHz
Boost Clock: 941MHz
Memory Clock:  1502MHz GDDR5
Memory Interface: 384-bit
Expansion:  2 x DVI, 1 x HDMI, 1 x DisplayPort

Test Results:
3DMark Fire Strike ULTRA: 2170

Value:  9/10
Features:  10/10
Performance:  10/10
Make:  10/10
Usability:  8/10

Total Score:  9.4 /10
PC.Com Likes: It’s totally silent! Even under heavy loads, it stillhums when I expect roars.



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