Apple Delays HomePod Smart Speaker Release

Apple’s home invasion plans hits a snag, as the tech giants HomePod smart speakers introduced in June will not be available for the December holiday season. Instead the earliest arrival of the system will be in 2018.

Hoping to gather momentum for the year end Christmas shopping spree, the HomePod was to rival Google Assistant and Amazon’s Echo which are gaining popularity in the smart home space. With AI incorporated the speakers work as a voice activated electronic butler who manages amenities in the house.

The company said it need more time to have the system done right, priced in the region of RM1500 (US$349) the HomePod will have Siri integrated and will tap into the Apple ecosystem, giving user a  seamless transition from their iPhone to when they step into their home.

Ever a perfectionist, eager fans wont mind waiting a bit longer before the device hits the shelves and Apple knows this, with millions of iPhone users out there the HomePod will make a decent sale even post December shopping season.

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