You’ll Float Too; Apple’s New Floating Orb Store To Open In Marina Bay Sands Singapore

We all float down here. Okay, sorry, didn’t mean to spook anybody out. But there is some truth to that statement.

One of the biggest tech companies in the world, Apple is opening another retail store in Southeast Asia despite the Covid-19 outbreak but sadly no, it will not be in Malaysia (honestly, why is it never Malaysia?). But don’t worry, it won’t be that far (depending on where you live I guess?) as the new retail shop will open in our neighbouring country, Singapore.

Apple has chosen Singapore as the new location for its new retail store in Southeast Asia after the existing Orchard Road and Changi Jewel stores as well as those at Iconsiam and Central World in Bangkok, Thailand.

Despite being its 5th retail outlet in this region and the company’s 512th location, Apple still managed to come out with unique architectural features for the new premise.

The most unique thing about this new store is that it floats! On water! Where can we find this store in Singapore? Well the specific location for the new Apple store will be at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. The store is housed in an orb that sits on the waters of the Marina Bay itself and its design was apparently inspired by traditional lanterns.

To visit the store, customers can choose to enter via an outdoor elevated walkway or through the underwater tunnel that connects it with the retail section of MBS (Marina Bay Sands).

So when can we visit the new floating store? Unfortunately there is no official opening date yet but you can see photos on their Instagram page down below.

Furthermore, the official page for the outlet is already up on Apple Singapore’s website. So, it is really just a matter of time before Apple Store MBS to open its store to visitors.

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