An iPhone for the Record Books

The official price list for the Apple iPhone X (a fancy way of saying 10) is finally out, and it is ridiculous. With the iPhone 8 already priced at RM3,649 (64GB) and RM4,399 (256GB) while the iPhone 8 Plus is at RM4,149 (64GB) and RM4,899 (256GB), it’s safe to say the iPhone X will definitely make you reconsider about its purchase.

The base 64GB model for the iPhone X will be available at RM5,149 and the much larger 256GB model will come at a whopping RM5,899. If you thought Samsung was crazy with its Galaxy Note8 pricing, Apple has outdone the Korean giant.

Sure, the iPhone X is the first in the series to have an edge-to-edge display with an advanced FaceID recognition, but it only houses a 2,716mAh battery. Also, it only has 3GB of RAM when most flagships these days carry at the very least 4GB. At the very least, it comes with a new A11 Bionic chip, which gives it a slight advantage, although it still doesn’t justify the price tag.

This now begs the question. How much are we willing to pay for a smartphone? While the prices for the iPhone X are insane, Nokia was the original creator of exorbitant prices back in its prime. Dating back almost a decade ago, the Nokia 8800 Gold Edition was selling at US$2,700. That’s approximately RM11,356.20 in today’s currency.

To give you some perspective, our exchange rate back then with the US Dollar was at RM3.37 to USD$1. This would have been at approximately RM9,099 in 2009.

Of course, one can argue that it was expensive due to its 24K gold finish, and they would be right. Nonetheless, people would still fork out money for it because it doubles as a status symbol. Safe to say, the iPhone X could very well be the 21st century edition equivalent of the Nokia 8800 Gold Edition.

If you are still keen on buying the iPhone X, it is still currently unavailable as of yet. But seeing as the prices are already out, it’s only a matter of time.

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