Computex 2017: AMD Announces Ryzen Mobile

A new chapter in mobile gaming is upon us. AMD has just announced their latest mobile processor, the Ryzen Mobile. The processor will be based on the Zen architecture, as well as including aan AMD Vega core for graphics processing.

During the AMD press conference in Taipei, Lisa Su, AMD President and CEO shared some snippets of upcoming AMD product lines, with the new Ryzen Mobile being one of the the many processors coming our way. The new mobile CPUs will be based on the already available Ryzen CPU, but with the additional Vega graphics core to give it the extra kick of performance needed in gaming on the go. All of this while saving power consumed – at least according to numbers from AMD.

AMD showcased a prototype reference convertible device, running the Ryzen Mobile CPU which has 4 cores and 8 threads. This hints that the Ryzen Mobile will be based on the Ryzen 5 CPU rather than the Ryzen 7 line. Of course we may just be seeing one of the models available rather than the totality of line-up available, but the design bodes well for thin & light 2-in-1s to be coming from OEMs with the new Ryzen Mobile processor.

The new devices are slated to be arriving sometime in quarter three, so we may see devices on store shelves just in time for the holiday season.

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