8K Gaming Next With Samsung 16GB GDDR6 Memory

With graphics being ever more prevalent and important in technology be it gaming, augmented reality or virtual reality, the need for processors that can handle such rich data is more then ever in demand. While the likes of Nvidia have come up with GPU that can render images and videos at 4K, 3D and beyond, processing memory manufacturers have also kept up with industry.

Samsung Electronics who has been developing graphics memory has just made available a 16-gigabit GDDR6 memory refuted to be a world first at that capacity. A high end gaming notebook in today’s market could probably be fitted with either a 6GB or 4GB GDDR5 memory, you can image the possibility of a 16GB can bring to the machines.  , the world leader in advanced memory technology, today announced that it has started mass production of the industry’s first 16-gigabit (Gb) Graphics Double Data Rate 6 (GDDR6) memory for use in advanced graphics processing for gaming devices and graphics cards as well as automotive, network and artificial intelligence systems.

Built on Samsung’s advanced 10-nanomter (nm) class process technology, the new GDDR6 memory comes in a 16Gb density, is doubles that of the company’s 20-nanometer 8Gb GDDR5 memory. The new solution performs at an 18-gigabits-per-second (Gbps) pin speed with data transfers of 72 gigabytes per second (GBps), represents a more than two-fold increase over 8Gb GDDR5 with its 8Gbps pin speed.

The availability will play a generous role in the launches of next-generation graphics cards and can be seen to be widely used in rapidly growing fields such as 8K Ultra HD video processing, automotive, virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence.

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