Sony Alpha 9 III: World’s First Global Shutter Full-Frame Camera With Blazing Speed, Superior Image Quality

Sony Electronics (Sony), a leader in innovation, has officially introduced the Alpha 9 III, set to be available in Malaysia from the first quarter of 2024. This camera boasts the world’s first full-frame global shutter image sensor, enabling unparalleled high-speed shooting, distortion-free images, and an array of cutting-edge features that will revolutionize the photography industry.

The Alpha 9 III is engineered to capture the decisive moments with unprecedented speed, shooting up to an astonishing 120 frames per second. The new global shutter full-frame image sensor eliminates distortion and camera blackout, allowing photographers to seize moments that were once fleeting.

Key Features of the Alpha 9 III

Global Shutter Image Sensor
The camera is equipped with a groundbreaking global shutter full-frame stacked CMOS image sensor with approximately 24.6 effective megapixels. This sensor, combined with the BIONZ XR® image processing engine, achieves blackout-free continuous shooting at a remarkable 120 frames per second, even with AF/AE tracking.

AI-Powered Autofocus
The Alpha 9 III features Sony’s most advanced AF system to date, offering up to 120 times AF/AE focus calculations per second. Its designated AI processing unit utilizes Real-time Recognition AF to accurately identify and track a wide variety of subjects, making it possible to capture scenes and moments that were previously impossible to capture with the naked eye.

Flash Sync at All Shutter Speed
With the Alpha 9 III, photographers can now sync their flashes at all shutter speeds up to 1/80000 second, thanks to its innovative full-speed flash synchronization function.

High-Quality Image Stabilization
The camera is equipped with 8.0 stops of optical 5-axis in-body image stabilization, ensuring excellent image quality even in challenging shooting conditions.

Advanced Video Performance
The global shutter image sensor offers distortion-free video recording, making it ideal for shooting fast-moving subjects. It supports 4K 120p high-frame-rate video without cropping, allowing users to shoot at the intended angle of view.

Operability and Reliability
The Alpha 9 III features improved ergonomics with an easy-to-hold grip, ensuring comfort during long shooting sessions. It comes with a 4-axis multi-angle LCD monitor, a high-visibility electronic viewfinder, and customizable focus areas, making it highly adaptable to professional needs.

High-Speed Workflow and Scalability
The camera supports a wide range of professional workflows, including fast data transfer, voice memos, and flexible media recording options.


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