Be Bold, Be You!; Pomelo and TikTok Launch An Exclusive Streetwear Collection

Southeast Asia’s omnichannel fashion platform Pomelo is eager to disclose its latest liaison with TikTok. Pomelo joined TikTok on February 24 to launch the first ever collaboration among them in Southeast Asia, Pomelo x TikTok. Covered with the theme ‘Be Bold Be YOU’, the vibrant, expressive collection encapsulates the creative diversity of the TikTok brand, […]

Instagram Presents Parents Guide in Malaysia to Help Teens Stay Safe on the Platform

Instagram has launched a Parents Guide to Instagram in Malaysia today. It’s to provide parents with a better understanding of the features that exist to keep their children safe and ensure a positive experience on the platform, as well as guidance on starting conversations at home around safety and well-being. The Guide is available in […]

Covid-19 Vaccination Program Is Now on MySejahtera!

Last weekend, we witnessed the landing of the vaccine for Covid-19 from Pfizer and we couldn’t get any more excited for it. The vaccine will be distributed by phases through the National Covid-19 Immunisation Programme, prioritising on the frontliners. The MySejahtera app has helped us through the virus outbreak. The app lets you check in […]

Say Hello to Franzi! A Chatty Cleaning Robot at the Munich Hospital!

Hospitals are often described as a dull and boring place to be. To be there, even when you aren’t sick, can be very emotionally tiring. So as a form of leisure, we always rely on our smartphones or simply chat with the nurses. Who would ever thought we could have a chatty robot in a […]

Digi Announces Upgraded Postpaid To Connect More Malaysians Throughout Covid-19 Outbreak

Digi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd (Digi) today has announced its upgraded Digi Postpaid portfolio to help more Malaysians as they bounce back to recovery from the Covid-19 outbreak. The portfolio pursues to bring more simplicity and great value, especially during these uncertain times. The new postpaid now comes with simpler Internet plans that remove complicated quota […]

Spotify HiFi is Coming By This Year To Improve Your Music Experience!

For some people, music is something to release boredom when they’re in an idyllic state or when they are working on something.  Au contraire, some people listen to music and get immersed in it. For the latter type of person, music works beyond everything so they demand for a higher fidelity. Following the footsteps of […]