Samsung S8 and S8+ to be priced from RM 3,299, retailing from May 5th

The wait is nearly over. Samsung has announced that the new Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ will be coming to Malaysia by the end of the month. To celebrate the upcoming launch, Samsung will be doing a pre-order event for the new flagship phone, and with each pre-order to come with freebies that will […]

No More Rank Rides: Grab and Ambi Pur Partners to Bring Fresh Rides

  Grab Malaysia and Ambi Pur partners to ensure only the freshest smelling ride for Malaysians. Beginning from April, the GrabCar icon will be replaced with the Grab Ambi Pur icon on the Grab app, to enable Malaysians to book a clean and fresh ride. Selected GrabCars will also be specially wrapped blue car that stand […]

McAfee Ditches Intel Name and Going Solo, Again

 McAfee has spun out of Intel and is now a standalone company once more, with no relations to Intel. Previously acquired by Intel in 2011, the company was spun out as an independent entity named Intel Security last year, with investment from TPG Capital and Intel that valued the company at $4.2 billion. That invesment has […]

Samsung Adopts HEVC/H.265 Video Compression Standard

Samsung has become a Licensor and Licensee of the HEVC Advance HEVC/H.265 Licensing Program. HEVC/H.265 is a video compression standard. As of now the market is growing and this video compression feature is needed to meet the growing demand for 4K Ultra High Definition video delivered to screens ranging from the largest monitors to the smallest smart […]

Google is Helping with Another Submarine Cable in APAC

Google is investing in another massive undersea fiber-optic cable, this time to connect Jakarta, Singapore, Perth and Sydney to one another. This is part of a project called Indigo, and the tech giant is funding it to build out network connectivity around the world. According to PCWorld, the cable will run across 9,000km and reach a capacity of roughly 18Tbps. It’s […]

Facebook Use Photo-Matching to Block Repeat ‘Revenge Porn’

Facebook is cracking down on “revenge porn”, whereby intimate images are shared on Facebook without the subject’s consent and permission. In a statement written by Antigone Davis, Head of Global Safety, Facebook is pushing out new tools to  prevent these materials from being shared on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. On top of the already present processes in place […]

Apple announces new Mac Pro…for 2018

Users of the beautiful (yet to some flawed) Mac Pro, which was launched in late 2013, rejoice. Apple has just announced that a new ‘completely redesigned’ Mac Pro is coming in the pipeline – but unfortunately it will only see the light of day in 2018. Apple marketing chief Phil Schiller said the company is “completely […]