16 Highways Offering Smooth Balik Kampung With eWallet Toll Booths

The exodus has started and the city is slowly getting deserted, by the next 2 days we can expect the roads to be even more empty but that doesn’t mean they have disappeared. Every year Hari Raya brings this effect to our nation, Balik Kampung as its commonly known as, is when Muslims celebrating the festivity after a month of fasting head back to their hometown to join their family for the occasion and during this time cars leave the city roads and pile up on the expressways.

Major highways experience the biggest gridlock with millions of vehicles traversing to the north, south and east of the peninsular with the slowdowns occurring at toll booths during this period. The bottleneck causes massive waiting time especially when commuters pile up at the cash lanes or clog up the Smarttag and Touch N Go lane because they forgot to top up their toll cards. Imagine the frustration if you’ve waited for 5 hours only to reach the toll booth and find out you’ve run out of credit! This can now be completely avoided, TnG Digital PayDirect allows users to top-up their SmartTag or Touch N Go card via their eWallet app.

With 16 highways already rolling out the service the PayDirect service gives vehicles owners an uninterrupted experience through out their journey, never needing to worry if they have enough credit to drive past the tolls. While we hope to see more players offering the service, for now only TnG eWallet has this option, users will need to simply download the app, add the Touch N Go card, link your credit or debit card or bank account and can start reloading. The toll fares will then be automatically deducted from the ewallet. Aside from convenience, if everyone who owns a vehicle subscribes to the service, we can surely see less traffic and even eliminate the need for manned booths in the future.

Currently to encourage public uptake of the service, TnG Digital is giving 20% rebate up to 10 trips for those who sign for the PayDirect option, an opportune time to try out the features. For those heading back to their hometown here’s the list of highways which has already adopted the PayDirect service, however unfortunately Plus Highway is still not in the list but is said to be available soon.


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