You Are The Music In Me; Sonos One Speaker Review

I was enjoying this speaker a little too much that I forgot to actually take photos of it so my bad Sonos. But anyway, I do very much would like to talk about my experience with the Sonos One speaker. I haven’t had a proper speaker in so long so having the opportunity to review one was just so much fun for me as a music lover, musician and beginner dancer.

So let’s get into the review on my experience with the Sonos One:


So the colour that we received was the black one but it also comes in a very pretty white. The black one is not so bad itself as the colour goes with anything so you can put it anywhere in the house without it looking out of place.

The has a nice curved square, almost round shape from the top which I like. It’s almost cylinder looking as you can see. I find the Sonos One’s design very minimalistic which is not a really a bad thing. Personally, I prefer the design not having too much going on. It looks good, it’s functional and you can place it anywhere in the house.

Don’t worry about it being too heavy as the Sonos One is very lightweight at 1.85 kg so you can move it easily anywhere around your office, room or house.


Setting up the Sonos One was pretty fast and easy from my experience. All you need are good wifi and bluetooth connections and download the app which you can find on the Google Playstore and Apple App Store.

Once you downloaded the app, just sign up, fill in the required details and connect to the Sonos One. The navigations on the app are fairly simple and straight to the point. Nothing too fancy or complicated which is great cause you’d wanna connect your device to the speaker so you can enjoy your favourite tunes.


One top of the Sonos One, you will find the controls. You can see the play/pause button, and two buttons on the side to either control volume or switch the next song. The buttons response well to touch. Just one light touch and it gets the job done.

And if you’re not much of a control person, have no fear, Google and Alexa are here! Yes, The Sonos One speakers comes with built-in Google Assistant and Alexa so you can voice command the speaker to play whatever it is you want! The Sonos One speaker comes with a far-field microphone array, used for smart voice capture and noise cancellation.

Audio Quality

Now here’s what everyone is curious to know. How is the sound quality? No camera or phone microphone (that I have) could capture how good the sound quality is but trust me on this that you can definitely have a (socially distanced) party with your friends using this speaker.

On full volume, there was little to no distortion. You can set the volume on your device or on the speaker itself. Either way, it’s really good that I felt like I had a whole concert in my room (as in I am the concert hahaha). It’s very enjoyable to watch movies or tv shows using these speakers too as it sounds clear and immersive.

If having 1 is this good, imagine having 2 of them.

Final Thoughts

For the time I had the Sonos One speaker, there was meaning to my life again. Okay, a slight exaggeration there but I really did enjoy having this speaker and hope to purchase a Sonos speaker myself one day. What about pricing you ask? You can find it at the HarveryNorman store at RM 1,199.00.

I know to some that may be a bit pricy but honestly, with voice command, easy set up, very good sound quality, I’d say, take my money. But that’s just me. What do you guys think?

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