Worldwide Holdings Promotes Environment, Social and Governance, Property Portfolio At Greenscape Fiesta 2023

Worldwide Holdings has brought the community, public authorities and local entrepreneurs together at Greenscape Fiesta 2023  today at Daunan Worldwide, Alam Perdana Sales Gallery, which was also launched during the same event. The launching ceremony was officiated by Datuk Seri Dr. Haji Dzulkefly Ahmad, the Parliament Member of Kuala Selangor.  

With Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) at its centre, the event that was organized in  conjunction with National Landscape Day celebration is seen as a great platform for Worldwide  Holdings to engage with the surrounding community, demonstrate their commitment to social  responsibility and build trust with local residents and other stakeholders.  

During the launching ceremony, Worldwide Holdings presented a donation of RM20,000.00 to  Islamic Relief Malaysia (IRM), to be channelled into the Turkiye-Syria Earthquake Appeal Fund to  assist the NGO with their efforts in providing emergency aid to the affected population of Turkiye  and Syria. The company also contributed recycle bins to the representatives of the resident’s  association of its project within Bandar Puncak Alam and Daunan Worldwide, Alam Perdana. The  company also announced its plan to plant 3,323 of trees in the vicinity of Daunan Worldwide, Alam Perdana in conjunction with the 33 years anniversary of Worldwide Holdings this year.  

According to its Group CEO, Datin Paduka Norazlina Zakaria, “Since we began our involvement in the real estate industry back in the early 90s, it has been our aim to empower  the community and our developments through green and clean environment. We hope that all  our efforts in ESG, including the organisation of Greenscape Fiesta 2023, clearly display our desire  to create a more sustainable and equitable future, and lead to long-term benefits for the  company, such as improved brand reputation and customer loyalty.” 

Worldwide Holdings, one of the reputable players in the property development sector in the  Klang Valley, is one of the many big names that are developing projects in Bandar Puncak Alam,  Kuala Selangor, namely Puncak Bestari and Puncak Bestari 2 residentials. Riding on the success of Daunan Worldwide, Alam Perdana in capturing the attention of the market, Worldwide Holdings’  Greenscape Fiesta also provided the customers with the opportunity to preview their soon to be launched property project, Adenia in Puncak Bestari 2, the latest offering by Worldwide Holdings  that adopts wellness-inspired concept that is in alignment with ESG through its low-density  development approach. 

Worldwide Holdings in recent years has actively been incorporating this approach into many of  its new products and business activities, further strengthening the conglomerate’s commitment  in promoting ESG and sustainability agenda in Selangor. Through this approach, Worldwide  Holdings hopes to not only provide the residents of its projects with more space and privacy, but  also reduce carbon footprint by providing more green space from the preservation of the natural surroundings of its projects. 

Apart from developing high-end residences, Worldwide Holdings’ properties in Bandar Puncak  Alam also include quality, affordable houses such as Seri Seraya in Puncak Bestari that was  developed under the Selangor state government’s Rumah Selangorku (RSKU) affordable housing  programme, ensuring that Selangorians from all stratas of society have access to good common  facilities. To learn more about Worldwide Holdings’ property portfolio, please visit


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