ViewSonic Focuses On Corporate And Educational Segments In Its First Exhibition In Malaysia

ViewSonic introduces the ‘First ViewSonic Studio’ presenting the two new series of the latest 3rd Generation LED projectors, the LS500WHE and LS55OWHE, as well as ViewSonic Hybrid Ecosystem ViewBoard Interactive display as corporate office and classroom solutions.

The majority of those working in these industries are searching for a hybrid approach that combines in-person and online learning, as the pandemic has caused significant changes in people’s lives. ViewSonic has concentrated on this cycle of products, including the projectors that perform superbly as part of corporate meeting rooms and classrooms, in response to the rising demand for working from home and the concurrent adoption of new technologies and teaching techniques.

With the latest 3rd Generation LED projectors LS500WHE and LS550WHE to meet all of your demands. Whether you need one at home, at work, or for teachers and students who collaborate on tasks, the new LED projector is all about offering the best of the best high brightness at 3,000 ANSI Lumens and an energy-efficient design that promises less power consumption, and a longer lifespan, and improved

Next-3rd Gen LED Technology offers three Frees

LS500WHE delivers vividly by the 125 percent Rec.709 colour coverage. Consumers are provided with specially designed free features such as Lamp Free, Mercury Free, and Maintenance Free, which promise green and safe solutions that are completely free of harm to both the environment and individuals.

Compared to conventional lamp-based projectors, Lamp Free reduces power usage by about 50%. Lamp replacement is not necessarily due to the 30,000-hour lifetime. The LED light source is mercury-free, which reduces the disposal of dangerous compounds that are damaging to both the environment and persons. And since its lamps don’t need to be replaced, less maintenance is required over time making it Maintenance Free.

Additionally, the projectors’ anti-dustIP5X is a cutting-edge sealed optical engine that eliminates dust and maintains the highest possible image quality. The LS500WHE also offers a 360-degree tilt angle projection to support creative applications such as ceiling and floor projections. Whereas the LS550WHE is a short-throw projector with a 0.49 short-throw lens that is also ideal for a smaller space
that features a horizontal and VerticalKeystone correction along with 4 corner adjustments to eliminate crooked or distorted images for a perfectly proportioned picture every time.

For Educational Technology Classroom

ViewSonic is displaying the first ViewSonic studio in Malaysia and giving the educational sectors access to the most recent ViewSonic Edtech Solutions, including the ViewSonic ViewBoard interactive display and myViewBoard visual learning software suite.

“We are ready to support Malaysia’s educational system change in 2022, especially after the announcement of the move to abolish the Form Three Assessment (PT3) and implement the school-based assessment (PBS). Teachers need to use their creativity to teach a variety of subjects so that students will have an enjoyable learning experience in a practical way. ViewSonic EdTech Solutions offers variety of tools and
features to create activities in class,” said Chaw Foo Hong Country Manager of ViewSonic Malaysia.

The assortment planning from ViewSonic is to create an engaging learning space for your students, name as myViewBoard SCALE-UP. SCALE-UP (Student-Centered Active Learning Environment with Upside-down Pedagogies) refers to learning environments that have embraced active, collaborative in a manner that alters traditional classroom processes and layouts. SCALE-UP classrooms encourage group work that focuses on the dual-goals that are tangibles and nondurables. Referring to hands-on observations and interesting problems, respectively, these goals dictate the nature and layout of SCALE-UP classrooms in a direct and concrete manner.

ViewBoard Meets the Evolving Needs in Education Segments

What would make an amazing way to lead these industries with comprehensive solutions would be integrating not only the projectors but also the ViewBoard Interactive display and the my ViewBoard Software Suite as a complete visual learning platform that delivers a better engagement with enriched content and advanced management to create an immersive and interactive learning space.

In response to the fast-altering educational landscape, the ViewSonic allows educators to seamlessly transition between the physical and the virtual environment, regardless of whether the students are physically, virtually, or both in the classroom.

For more information about LS500WHE SRP-RM3599-
LS550WHE SP – RM3999 (short throw)
For more information about ViewSonic Hybrid Ecosystem check here –


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