Upcoming Update May Just Make Fallout: 76 A Much Better Game

Fallout: 76 just dropped another trailer for its Wastelanders update, and it sure does tease a huge improvement that could entirely change gamers’ perception towards the game.

The Wastelanders update aims to add a core element in the game that was missing since launch; humans.

When Fallout: 76 was released, it was met with unfavourable reviews because the wasteland felt so barren. The only other thing that occupied the wastelands were multiple players, which was the main objective and focus of the game.

While initially having no plans for introducing NPCs in the world, player feedback made Bethesda rethink their strategy.

They ultimately decided to develop an expansion that would introduce just that, and honestly, good on them for doing that.

Bethesda dropped the first trailer back in February this year. Now, with the second trailer dropped, players can get a better idea of just what to expect from the massive expansion.


The trailer teases a main-story element by introducing a whole lot of characters, locations and new questlines for players. The expansion will also add factions and companion characters (that can be romanced).

It also provides a reason for why NPCs are moving back into the game. Apparently, it’s because of some hidden treasure buried in the wasteland, prompting everyone to come back digging for it.

This is an exciting update to the game that will definitely improve players experience. The best part it, the expansion pack comes free across all platforms, provided you already own the base game.

Fallout: 76 will also be hitting Steam on 14 April. PC players who got the game from the Bethesda.net Launcher can get the Steam version for free, provided they link their accounts by Sunday, 12 April 2020 at 11.59 EDT.

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