University Of Nottingham Malaysia Awards Scholarships To Six Young People

The six recipients of the University of Nottingham Malaysia (UNM) 21st Anniversary Scholarship all aspire to change the world. Aptly themed, ‘Normal Never Changed the World’, the UNM 21st Anniversary Scholarship seeks to ignite passion in our future leaders who otherwise may not have the opportunity to pursue their dreams.

“UNM believes in the unlimited potential of young Malaysians to make a difference and we want to ensure that every opportunity is available to these young people. By waiving 100 percent of the tuition fees, the recipients of the 21st Anniversary Scholarship will feel a huge weight being lifted off their shoulders. More importantly, it will allow them the peace of mind to fully immerse themselves into achieving their goals,” said Professor Sarah Metcalfe, Interim Provost and CEO of UNM.

The full undergraduate scholarships were open to students who required financial assistance to study at the university for courses that would commence after the September intake. The university will waive 100 percent of the scholars’ tuition fees throughout the duration of the degree programme.

The six recipients of the UNM 21st Anniversary Scholarship include Biomedical Sciences scholar Chong E-Jayn; Economics and International Economics scholar, Ezekiel Alex George; Economics and International Economics scholar, Nur Sameera binti Shaik Ismail; Chemical Engineering with Environmental Engineering scholar, Ong Hao Zhe; Education scholar, Vanessa De Run Check; and Mechatronic Engineering scholar, Yap Yong Jin.

Unleased to address global issues through economic lens

The cost of higher education may prohibit many Malaysians from furthering their studies; because of this scholarship such as these function as a lifeline for some students.

Recipient of the UNM 21st Anniversary Scholarship, Nur Sameera Binti Shaik Ismail, shared, “This scholarship means the world to me. Fundamentally, it represents possibility. I initially believed that my financial circumstances would bar me from receiving a good education, but this scholarship changed that. Receiving this scholarship has meant that achieving my ambitious aspirations are no longer far-fetched notions, but within reach. It has also reignited my belief that the world is full of possibilities and that I can do or be anything.”

The 20-year-old has a keen fascination with economics. She adds that economics wields the power to address the many issues we face today. In pursuing a Bachelor of Science with Honours in Economics and International Economics, she hopes to understand how the world works and explore the ways to make it better.

Aspiring environmentalist taking bigger steps in combating climate change

“On a random evening in 2019, I decided to read the newspaper. It was when I first came across Greta Thunberg, a young lady who amplified the voice of decades-old environmentalism,” the UNM 21st Anniversary Scholarship recipient, Ong Hao Zhe shared. 

“Thunberg’s stories and the climate movement she had inspired, pushed me beyond ‘no plastic bags’ and ‘turning off the light when not in use’ into a world of anthropogenic climate change and interconnected global crises,” he added.

Although Ong believes that any profession can help mitigate climate disasters, he found his calling in science. More specifically, Ong will be pursuing a Bachelor of Engineering with Honours in Chemical Engineering with Environmental Engineering (CEE) at UNM.

“From sourcing the raw materials to managing waste, making our supply chain sustainable is what this course allows me to do. That is just the tip of the iceberg with CEE. Essentially, it is to better equip myself to make this world more livable through actions, not just words,” said Ong. 

In addition to the UNM 21st Anniversary Scholarship, there are nine other scholarships and two education funds available to students at UNM. Professor Metcalfe added that the university has awarded scholarships worth about RM140 million since its inception.

“We want to continue empowering students to pursue their aspirations and give them all the support they need to reach their full potential and achieve their biggest dreams,” Professor Metcalfe shared.

For 21 years, the University of Nottingham Malaysia has nurtured ambitious people to make a difference in the world. With a world class curriculum and distinctive research excellence, the university will continue to foster a conducive environment for students to realise their full potential.  UNM is looking forward to bringing more changes for the next 21 years.


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