Review: STM Trilogy 24L 15″ Backpack – Handy and Safe

Multipurpose and Expansive

When the STM Trilogy came in for review, my first order of business was to check its packing space. On top of a spacious 24L capacity, I found the inner pockets of the main compartments suited for documents, toiletries, and the like. I’m especially fond of the keychain holder hanging inside the second compartment, which is hidden but easily reachable. What’s encouraging is that the front pouches are also deep enough for slotting in power banks and chargers.

Superior Support

The bag uses a ‘protective suspended tech cell’ to hold its materials. When I checked the notebook carrier cage, I noticed how its bottom ended a little higher from the base of the backpack. Along with front padding and a supporting frame along the back, the backpack is designed to hold your notebook steady. I found this especially reassuring since I did not have to worry about bumps into objects in the backpack or outside.

Great for Everyday Use

The STM Trilogy has a big statement to make in terms of premium practicality. Its compartments and durability do not come at the cost of comfort. Padding is distributed along the back and shoulder pads, which is great for the space the bag holds. All of this signals that the backpack is for extended use. I see this as a good fit for students, office workers, or regular travellers who want a versatile backpack that also protects their notebooks

Verdict: A great backpack with plenty of utility and comfort to reflect the required investment.


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