Screen Crack Warranty For All Samsung J Pro Series

The worry of dropping your smartphone or damaging it can be an expensive affair, even more so if they are less than a year old. Imagine the scenario: you’ve saved for months and rewarded yourself with a brand new device only to, in an unexpected circumstance it slips of your hand and drops on the hard concrete shattering screen. We shudder to hear this happen to anyone!

But there is hope if you decide to buy a Samsung J Pro series, a new deal is being offered with a one-year extended warranty that comes bundled with one year screen crack protector for this range. Valid from now till end of September, the special deal comes at a time where consumers tend to extend the use of their phones longer than the 6-8 month average refresh seen for the premium range. However, mid tier models like the J series tend to drag their lifespan in customers usage. Hence offering warranty to protect their investment makes valuable sense.

All J Pro series will now come with the warranty, including J Pro 3 prices RM699, J Pro 5 RM1149 and  the RM1299 J Pro 7.

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