Samsung’s New Update Is Broken; S10 & S10+ Users Find Out The Hard Way

Thankfully for us, it only affects US handsets

Notifications about software updates are supposed to be a good thing. I always get excited when I see that my phone is now ready to be updated. I mean come on, who wouldn’t be? New features, improvements and bug fixes are usually what come with an update. Unfortunately though, that’s not always the case.

Samsung just can’t seem to catch a break at the moment. After the well documented failure that is the Samsung Galaxy Fold, you’d argue that they can’t afford anymore slip ups.  Sadly though, it looks like the company has yet to get the memo. According to reports coming out of the USA, Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ users who updated their devices have had them crippled by the update. That’s right, its 2019 and phones are still getting bricked by updates.

Apparently, as soon as the update is installed, users were prompted to enter a password to access their device. Some of the uses have never even set up a password for their phones to begin with so one can understand how mystifying it must’ve been for them. Imagine being excited for a phone update only for the said update to render your phone useless.

At the time of writing, it seems to only have affected US handsets, so the Rakyat are safe for now. Mobile carriers have advised users that the best course of action is to initiate a factory reset and Samsung themselves have come out and sung the same song. The thing is, a factory reset is NOT a solution. It would entail starting from scratch, losing everything you’ve ever saved unto your device, unless of course you’ve backed it up on the cloud. Perhaps Samsung wants to teach y’all a valuable lesson on the importance of backing up your devices?

It’s unclear how close Samsung are to coming up with a fix but they better be quick. With all the hiccups the Korean company have had this past year it’s no wonder Huawei was on route to toppling them as the  #1 smartphone manufacturer in the world.

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