Samsung Unveils CNY Deals Packed with Exclusive Gifts Valued Up to RM4,999

Samsung invited their customers to ring in the Year of the Dragon with style by enjoying fantastic deals on Samsung TVs, sound devices and digital appliances. The promotion will be available exclusively until February 29, 2024.

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Bring the Big Screen Home with Exclusive Gifts:

Upgrade your living room with a stunning new Samsung TV and score amazing free gifts! Purchase any of the selected TV models listed below and receive the corresponding bonus:

Segment Promotion ModelsScreen SizeRRP (RM)Free Gift Free Gift Value (RM)
Neo QLED 8KQA85QN900CKXXM8543,699The Freestyle 2nd Gen4,999
QA85QN800CKXXM8532,699The Freestyle 2nd Gen4,999
Neo QLED 4KQA85QN85CAKXXM8518,599The Freestyle 2nd Gen4,999
QLED QA98Q80CAKXXM9833,999The Freestyle 2nd Gen4,999
QA85Q80CAKXXM8515,199The Freestyle 2nd Gen4,999
QA85Q70CAKXXM8514,199The Freestyle 2nd Gen4,999
FrameQA85LS03BAKXXM8518,199The Freestyle 2nd Gen4,999
1 unit of Bezel899
Neo QLED 8KQA75QN900CKXXM7528,699TNG eWallet credit500
QA75QN800CKXXM7522,699TNG eWallet credit500
QA65QN800CKXXM6517,699TNG eWallet credit300
Neo QLED 4KQA75QN85CAKXXM7513,599TNG eWallet credit500
QA65QN85CAKXXM659,599TNG eWallet credit300
QLED QA75Q80CAKXXM7511,199TNG eWallet credit500
QA65Q80CAKXXM657,199TNG eWallet credit300
QA75Q70CAKXXM7510,199TNG eWallet credit500
QA65Q70CAKXXM656,199TNG eWallet credit300
UHDUA85CU8000KXXM8510,099TNG eWallet credit500
UA75CU8000KXXM756,599TNG eWallet credit300

QA75LS03BAKXXM7512,599TNG eWallet credit500
1 unit of Bezel799
QA65LS03BAKXXM658,299TNG eWallet credit300
1 unit of Bezel699
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Boost up New Year Vibes with Samsung Sound Device!

Take your movies, music, and games to the next level with Samsung’s powerful sound devices. For any purchase of selected sound models, you’ll unlock exciting rewards:

SegmentPromotion ModelsRRP (RM)Free Gift
Q SeriesHW-Q990C/XM      6,499 TNG eWallet credit worth RM 300
HW-Q930C/XM      4,999 TNG eWallet credit worth RM 250
HW-Q800C/XM      3,999 TNG eWallet credit worth RM 200
HW-Q700C/XM      2,999 TNG eWallet credit worth RM 200
HW-Q600C/XM      2,599 TNG eWallet credit worth RM 150
Sound TowerMX-T70/XM      1,999 Microphone worth RM90
MX-ST50B/XM      1,699 Microphone worth RM90

Upgrade Your Home in Style! 

Sparkling clean homes for a fresh start: Purchase a participating Samsung vacuum cleaner and enjoy exclusive price reductions

Vacuum Cleaner ModelsPWP ItemRRP of PWP Item(RM)Promo Price for PWP Item(RM)
VS20B95823W/MESlim LED Brush (VCA-SABC95)499399
VS20B95823W/MESpray Spinning Sweeper (VCA-WBA95/GL)599399
VS20B75AER4/MEClean Station (VCA-SAE903/ME)699399
VS15A60AGR5/MEClean Station (VCA-SAE903/ME)699399

Unlock a treasure trove of exclusive deals on washing machines, refrigerators and more. Dive into the list below to discover the participating products and their corresponding free gifts, waiting to enhance your home and your life!

CategoryModel CodeRRP (RM)Promo
Price (RM)
Free Gift Selection
RefrigeratorRS62T5F01B4/ME9,399 –Air Purifier worth RM999
RefrigeratorRF59CB0T08A/ME7,999Air Purifier worth RM999
RefrigeratorRF59CB0T03P/ME7,999Air Purifier worth RM999
RefrigeratorRT47CB66448AME3,399Galaxy Buds FE worth RM399
Washer & Dryer Pairing SetWF24B9600KV/FQ6,89912,999Air Purifier worth RM999
Washer & Dryer Pairing SetWW13BB944DGBFQ4,7997,499Air Purifier worth RM999
Washer & Dryer Pairing SetWW10TP44DSX/FQ3,8996,899Bespoke MWO worth RM639
Air ConditionerAR10BYEAAWKNME2,499Galaxy Buds FE worth RM399
Air PurifierAX46BG5000GSME1,8991,699Galaxy Buds FE worth RM399
Air PurifierAX32BG3100GBME999899– 
Vacuum CleanerVS20B959F3N/ME4,599Galaxy Buds FE worth RM399
Vacuum CleanerVS20B95823W/ME3,899Galaxy Buds FE worth RM399
Vacuum CleanerVR50T95735W/ME5,999Galaxy Buds FE worth RM399
Vacuum CleanerVR30T85513W/ME3,399Galaxy Buds FE worth RM399

Don’t miss out on this golden opportunity to usher in the New Year with incredible deals on Samsung TVs, sound devices, and selected digital appliances! Browse online now to start your CNY shopping spree.


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