Samsung iPhone Commercial Was Unnecessary

Over 15 million have watched the Galaxy vs iPhone commercial by Samsung as of today, the 1 minute advertisement pokes fun at iPhone for lacking the many features Galaxy users have been enjoying since 2007.

Timing the release right before Apple makes available the iPhone X for global availability, the commercial depicts a chronology from 2007 with the protagonists a loyal iPhone user being ridiculed by his girlfriend for the phones many non-inclusion features found in the Galaxy which she uses. The ad ends with the boyfriend getting himself a Galaxy Note 8 and walks past Apple Store with fans standing in line outside store for the November release of  iPhone X.

While Samsung fans find it to be bold and witty, the opposite can be said from Apple users. For non-partisans this feels like from someone who is finding themselves in a threatened position, on why Samsung agreed for this is beyond me. There are thousands of review sites and bloggers who have been laying the facts out for consumers to make their own judgement on whether to get a Galaxy or iPhone, they don’t need to be showed that only NOW! Apple added wireless charging to its phone. Unless Samsung feels the media requires a lesson in reviewing the phones and consumers need an education on “how to spot a difference”.

Poor taste and unwarranted! This sums of Samsung’s action, not sure if this will help sell more Galaxy Note 8 but for sure potential iPhone buyers are not going to cancel their orders and rush to pick a  Samsung phone because of the commercial. Rest assured there will be no rebuttal from Apple, Cuppertino does not stoop so low, in fact this might even win some fans over from those dislike to support a big brand that goes offensive for no rhyme or reason.

We did not expect this from a company that is still reeling from the biggest nightmare with Note 7.

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