RED Camera’s Hydrogen Smartphone

Anyone working in the film industry would have heard of RED cameras before. Now, it’s venturing into smartphone territory too.

Since its announcement of making a smartphone called Hydrogen One, there hasn’t been much details released. Although there was some hyped to the phone’s features, such as a modular accessory system (perhaps to rival moto?), which would support higher-quality camera tools; and a “holographic” display that’s said to be capable of presenting images with a 3D-like effect without the need for specialised glasses.

Recently a YouTuber Marques Brownlee got a hold of a non-functional prototype of what it says the Hydrogen One will ultimately look like.

Looking at the video, it seems to show that the back has a mix of metal and Kevlar, with a dual-lens camera and modular accessory pins at the bottom.

The sides of the phone are grooved to fit individual fingers. On one side, there’s a power button that doubles as a fingerprint scanner along with a dedicated button for video recording. On the other, there are separated volume buttons.

The phone seems to sport a USB-C port at the bottom and headphone jack. The screen is a 5.7-inch display – no slim bezel here though.

The much touted ‘holographic’ tech itself is optional; if you just want to use the Hydrogen One the normal way, you can. But with a pre-order value starting at $1,195, the holographic features better be worth the price tag.

Brownlee also tested out a potential modular camera accessory. The idea here is to snap on lenses and sensors that’d make the Hydrogen One’s image quality competitive with higher-end mirrorless and other small form-factor shooters, and possibly even work as part of a larger professional-style rig.

While there isn’t enough to know how well the phone will work, the outer seems to look….promising?


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