PS5’s First Announced Game Combines Elements From Different Titles

Godfall, the first game announced for the next-gen console, promises to provide an experience that no other game has ever done before.

The game was announced back on 13 December 2019, dropping a trailer at The Game Awards show. It’s developed by Gearbox and Counterplay Games and is currently still looking to release in Holiday 2020.

Regarding new details for the game, Counterplay Games reveals in the latest issue of the Official PlayStation Magazine that Godfall is primarily a next-gen experience, so PS4 is out of the mix.

More information was also revealed regarding its gameplay. While the game has yet to show any gameplay footage, Counterplay Games mentions that it’s a blend between Monster Hunter and Dark Souls.

Godfall’s combat is akin to Dark Souls, rewarding players who time their attacks perfectly to land maximum blows to enemies. Players will have to choose a class to play at the start of the game, gaining new combat skills and customisation options as they progress through.

In boss fights, the game introduces a way to bring upon multiple players at once to fight together, much like Monster Hunter: World. The boss will also be able to take multiple players down.

It also introduced a drop-in and drop-out kind of gameplay, likely influenced by a game like Destiny.

As for the story, players will play one of the last remaining members of the Knight’s Order. Players will travel across different realms divided into Earth, Air, Fire and Spirit Elements to stop an apocalypse.

The game is set to release for both the PS5 and PC, through the Epic Games Store. There’s no word yet on whether it will release for the next-gen Xbox console as well.

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