Potentially Fatal WhatsApp Bug Could Make You Lose Your Group Chats

Another potentially fatal flaw on WhatsApp had been found which allows users to basically decimate a group chat, and crashing the app for all members.

Researchers at a cyber security firm Check Point has said the issue means people can send a single message that pretty much messes up the app for all members, even to the point of having to reinstall the app. Once you’re reinstalled, you wouldn’t be able to go back to that group chat, or see the chat history in that group.

And considering at this point, there’s a lot of pretty important groups on most people’s WhatsApps. Businesses, friend groups, family vacation, work chats. All could be gone with a push of a button.

But don’t be too concerned, as WhatsApp now knows about the vulnerability and have issued a fix. But you’re gonna need to be updated to the latest version, so stay safe dudes.

“The ability to stop people being able to use WhatsApp and to delete valuable information from group chat histories is a powerful weapon,” Oded Vanunu, Check Point’s head of product vulnerability research, told The Independent.

If you were wondering how people were doing it, it involves launching the attack with WhatsApp web, and browser debugging tools. Worst part? The debugging tool is available in all web browsers.

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