Pokémon Go Launches Snapshot Challenge

Pokémon Go has a photo mode now and Niantic is promising goodies by launching a Go Snapshot Challenge. The challenge rewards you for capturing photos that include the game’s AR characters. A Go Create Challenge encourage you to take free-form photography, a Habitat Challenge asks you to take a photo based on a Pokémon’s natural element and a Buddy Challenge encourages you to take selfies with your favourite creature.

The prizes are same in each category. Two runners-up will get a special PokéStop with their photo that will stay up for “no less than three months,” while the winner will get both a PokéStop as well as a tickets to a Pokémon Go Fest of their choosing.

The Buddy Challenge runs from April 15th through April 24th, while the Habitat phase starts on April 29th and lasts until May 8th. The Go Create phase wraps things up between May 13th and May 22nd.

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