PlayStation’s Remote Play Feature Could Hit Nintendo Soon; PS4 Games On Yo Switch Boiiii

Have you ever wanted to play your PS4 games on the go, but never found the right way to do it? Well, that was what the PSP was for, but clearly, that didn’t work out. But cross-play functionality has been in the works on various games and consoles as of late, but this bit of news could potentially be the biggest thing for the feature ever.

PlayStation’s Remote Play feature is the catalyst for change here. Recently, Reddit user u/YouRedditHereFirst mentions that he had taken and survey for Remote Play which was handed out by Sony. The survey itself mentions a few questions about ‘upcoming features’ which include a bunch of things but most importantly “Playing Remote Play On A Switch, Apple TV and Android TV”. So yeah, the ability to use Remote Play on my Switch would be great. It just makes sense, and would make for some great portable gaming.

There’s some other interesting questions included in the survey, like the ability to use Remote Play without internet, inclusion of PS1 and PS2 games, and a slim portable DualShock controller for portable gaming.

While right now it’s probably not likely a feature being worked on, it’s interesting to see Sony potentially working with Nintendo, because honestly, they don’t really have much to lose. It would help both system’s sales and I personally don’t think Nintendo and Sony are direct competitors here. Nintendo caters to a whole other audience, and I think a partnership like this would make for a more open gaming ecosystem.

Plus, Remote Play has been expanding to Android and iOS devices, so who’s to say they’re not thinking of expanding further? All I know is, I would finally be able to play some Persona 5, on my Switch.

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