Oculus Quest Enhances VR Experience; Ships Early 2019

“This is it,” were Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s exact words as he unveiled the new Oculus Quest at the Oculus Connect (OC5) conference.

The hardware is Facebook’s first all-in-one VR system. It features six degrees of freedom that lets you look around in any direction and walk through virtual space. Users will be able to wander around in upto 4,000sqft of space while using the headset. It also doesn’t need a PC to work.

Facebook touts the Oculus Quest as “the VR experience everyone’s been waiting for”. It comes with Touch controllers, so you can interact with people and objects in a natural way. The hardware will have more than 50 games and experience at launch, with more coming soon.  The product will ship in Spring 2019, priced at US$399.


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