No More Paper Bills From TM

For those waiting for the postman to deliver their monthly Telekoms bill either for the phone line or Unifi bills can now stop looking out the window and instead look at their mobile screens. TM will be stopping all paper bill and go paperless starting 10 September this year.

The introduction is in line with more corporate companies looking at a more sustainable solution towards the environment and more so by technology firms seeking to move away from traditional medium of information. Customers will be sent an e-Bill, which is a pdf version of their bill via email and Short Message Service (SMS). Currently they are only sent to those who opted but after full implementation printed bills will no longer be available.

TM continues to print 1.65 million bills every months delivered to remaining broadband and telephony customers nationwide, the move will not only save the planet but will also make paying bills easier when customers chose to pay online. Access to the ebill can be found on Unifi portal as well.

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