Maxis, The Undisputed Postpaid King

Maxis has got the best formula for its postpaid customers, its MaxisOne plan has been seeing an increase in uptake for its smartly curated packages on the back of its strong network support. But packages are not what its subscribers look for in this operator. From day 1, the telco has been tapping into its strong postpaid customer base for its growth, the reason behind 3.2 million user base flock to its service is not only the association the brand has as a premium telco but Maxis is also known to offer high quality service for its subscribers. Part of its brand promise is the assurance of strong connectivity, when the telco invested billions in upgrading even before the other telco started and having a tremendously improved customer service a necessary service demanded by its high profile postpaid users.

The combination of these factors is what makes Maxis the undisputed champion in postpaid service adding 357,000 new members this year alone trumping over Digi and Celcom. Maxis Average Revenue Per Unit (ARPU) is another point of envy in the industry holding at RM90 while the rest can only muster  on an average RM70. The high ARPU can be attributed to its strong postpaid support where customers are all ready to sign long term contracts for premium plans despite similar packages are offered by other telco for lesser cost.

Things are looking bright for Maxis, the operator has already forged ahead in 5G and is building the next generation connectivity. The company just signed a landmark agreement with Huawei for the provisioning of 5G network, making one of the early adopters. Its enterprise customers can expect custom solution together with fibre and data rolled out to take them into the new era.

With everything going for its postpaid base its only a matter of time before Maxis looks to emulate its success for its fibre and prepaid products.

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