Kampung Team From Melaka Crowned Mobile Legends Campus Champion

A small unknown team from University Teknikal Melaka made into every stage of the tournament surprising many of the 47 teams that took part in the first ever Mobile Legends Giler Campus tournament. With semi-pro teams with key players you would recognise in the league like Team Icon vying for the price pool of RM30,000, no one expected Team Frostfire to reach the finals and face their idols, the mentioned Team Icon.

Team Frostfire preparing for the final battle

Ikuto, shoutcaster/emcee of the finale that took place at the immaculate Battle Arena in Jaya Shopping Centre on Saturday was completely surprised having already expecting a certain team to take the championship. But the evening had other plans, as the clock ticked away teams that arrived as early as 9:00 am started to fizzle away one by one by mid afternoon leaving the two contenders enter the gaming den at sharp 5:00 pm for what was thought to be a foregone conclusion.

Some background about the tournament, held for the first time the inaugural campus tournament was held across 18 universities from August till October inviting teams to pit against each other, where the winning team is then invited to join the finals in Battle Arena. A total of 16 teams made it paying for their own expenses for a chance to win the prize pool and the champion pocketing a whopping RM15, 000. Speaking at the event, Sharon Teo of U Mobile was pleased with the turnout and hoped the tournament will encourage students to pursue positive activity and use the prize money to pay for their study expenses.

With teams now back at the stage, many were rooting for the underdog who were not letting their admiration get the better of their ability. After beating team Icon in round 1 and whipping them in round 2, the strategy worked and team Frostfire went on to capture the title. The mighty was defeated and the shy kampung boys from Melaka were crowned champions!

Overall the event received a raving thumbs up from all those who traveled near and far with many looking forward to the next tournament. Livestream over Facebook live reached over 120,000 and generated 15,000 engagements. Fans and participants  also enjoyed other activities including the Spin and Win contest with a chance to win prizes such as wireless chargers, powerbanks and many more.

The winning teams were Team Frostfire from UTEM Melaka (1st Place), Team ICON from MMU Cyberjaya (2nd place)  and Team Honour MYA from UKM Bangi (3rd place). Post interviews and exclusives coming up next.

PC.com would like to thank the sponsors, Battle Arena, U Mobile, Coats n Suits, participants, marshall’s, shout casters, emcee, the crew and all those who made the finals an amazing event.

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