iPrice Group: Desktops Still Most Popular Platform for Online Purchases

iPrice Group, with its ‘The State of eCommerce’ study, reveals a surprising finding: desktops are most preferred for online purchases. This is in direct contrast to the explosive growths that mobile devices are experiencing. While these on-going increases have influenced numerous industry trends, like user communications and data usage, it doesn’t apply to online purchases.

While this finding is applicable to the samples of this study, it is more apparent with Malaysians. This is a clear indication that while proliferation of mobile devices are high, it doesn’t truly co-relate with eCommerce trends. According to iPrice Group, the conversion rate for desktop is 137% higher than mobile. This is likely due to users wanting to manage their purchases on a bigger screens.

There are also security concerns that, of late, are not as prevalent on mobile devices and have now become a hot button issue.

As for eCommerce trends, notably, users don’t mind paying that little extra for what they buy on desktops. The iPrice Group study reveals that there are plenty of discount offers on mobile platforms try to entice users. However, they rather pay 3.8% more just so they can avoid these concerns.

The entire Southeast Asia region have similar findings. Even purchasing habits and window shopping practices are almost the same across the board. This includes seeing the highest conversions occurring on a Wednesday and almost all countries in Southeast Asia using credit card or bank transfers.

With browsing trends, the entire region remains consistently average through the week and only shoot up on weekends; oddly, merchants suffer a dip in sales during the weekend spikes.

Malaysia remains in the top five for all these eCommerce trends and only didn’t seem to be fond of offline POS payments or installment programmes. Singapore mostly leads the trends that the study covers, with Vietnam recording the highest user conversion.

More details can be found in the iPrice Group summery study that it posted up for all to see.



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