Galaxy S24 Series: Ultimate Companion For Capturing Life’s Moments

Life is full of fleeting moments, and Samsung introduced Galaxy S24 series to seize them all. With cutting-edge AI-enhanced technology and responsive features, this smartphone is designed to keep up with a fast-paced lifestyle.

Powered by Samsung’s ProVisual Engine, the Galaxy S24 series offers a suite of versatile camera tools and editing functions, ensuring that the users never miss a beat when it comes to capturing those meaningful memories.

Featuring Motion Photo capabilities, the Galaxy S24 series allows users to capture dynamic moments in stunning detail.

Whether it’s a b-boy’s signature breaking style or a spectacular firework display, Motion Photo lets the users relive the action with crystal-clear photos and Super High Dynamic Range (HDR) capabilities.

Plus, with faster shot-to-shot shutter speed and Instant Slow-mo, users can capture every precious moment with ease and precision.

Starting in late March, Instant Slow-mo will expand to support 480×480 24fps videos, allowing users
to create social media-friendly video content with ease.

To achieve these slow-mo effects, the Galaxy S24 series uses powerful AI Frame Rate Conversion
(FRC) technology:

 First, AI FRC takes every two frames from the video as it was originally recorded and
uses a deep learning model to analyse and extract motion information.

 Extracting this information establishes the differences between frames and helps AI
FRC interpolate intermediate frames that give the video slower motion.

 This process is carried out twice – in both square dimension and reverse dimension –
to boost the accuracy of the new, additional frames that have been generated.

 Then, two fusion processes are carried out: Fusion Map and Residual. Fusion Map
detects and extracts 2D outlines to help detect motion differences between frames,
while Residual adds extra corrections and post-edits to minute details for enhanced
accuracy. This allows the feature to create accurate intermediate frames extremely

 When this is completed, the outputs of these two processes are fused one last time to
render the final, AI-generated intermediate frames that give the video both fluid slow
motion and meticulous detail.

Additionally, the Galaxy S24 series also introduces Dual Recording, 10 ND Filter Types, and Single Take functionality, giving users unparalleled control over their photography experience.

Whether users are recording their reaction to a breathtaking view or capturing their pet’s playful antics, the Galaxy S24 series ensures that every moment is preserved with clarity and detail.


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