Fuller Academy, PPK Malaysia Spearhead Sustainable Malls & Retail Seminar 2024

In the wake of the pandemic and the surge in e-commerce, malls in Malaysia are undergoing a transformative shift, redefining shopping experiences and fostering community engagement. Emphasizing flexibility and societal significance, these vibrant hubs are taking center stage in championing Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles for a resilient and prosperous Malaysia.

The Catalyst Event: Sustainable Malls & Retail Seminar 2024

Fuller Academy, in collaboration with the Malaysia Shopping Malls Association (PPK Malaysia), orchestrated a groundbreaking event, the “Sustainable Malls & Retail: Pioneering the ESG Frontier Seminar 2024,” held at AVANTÉ Hotel in Petaling Jaya. This milestone initiative received support from key players, including the Malaysian Green Technology and Climate Change Corporation (MGTC) and Gentari.

Insights and Discussions

Gathering over 100 industry leaders from major malls across Malaysia, the seminar became a crucible for insightful discussions. Themes revolving around Sustainable Mall Design, Community Engagement, Green Building Certifications, Carbon Neutrality, and ESG Strategy Development took center stage. The event featured keynote sessions, workshops, and panel discussions, delving into the intricate landscape of sustainable practices within the mall and retail sectors.

Embracing Holistic ESG Approach

Michelle Lee, Chief Strategy Officer at Fuller Academy, emphasized the imperative for shopping malls to cultivate shared value with stakeholders. Shifting from traditional Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), the focus is on a comprehensive ESG approach, aligning businesses with considerations of people, planet, and profit.

Consumer Demand for Sustainability

Trezelene Chan, APAC Head of Sustainability at Kantar, highlighted the escalating consumer demand for accessible and affordable sustainable products. The integration of ESG principles not only meets these expectations but also contributes to broader societal goals.

Malls as Inclusive Community Hubs

Mohd Rizalman, Head of Sustainability at KSK Land, spotlighted the transformation of malls into inclusive community hubs. By embracing diversity, supporting local businesses, and prioritizing ESG factors, malls enrich the community experience and foster a sense of belonging.

Green Certification and Industry Awareness

During panel sessions, it was noted that less than 1% of construction projects in Malaysia are currently certified as green and sustainable. While green certification is vital, the primary objective is to raise awareness and encourage sustainable practices throughout the industry. Obtaining green building certification signifies a commitment to sustainable construction practices beyond attracting consumers to the mall.

Next Steps for Climate Change Agenda

Saiful Adib Abdul Munaff, Senior Director of Operations from Malaysian Green Technology and Climate Change Corporation (MGTC), outlined 8 immediate next steps for malls. Incorporating government initiatives like the MyHIJAU Mark recognition scheme and Green Investment Tax Allowance, these steps aim to drive sustainable practices in the industry.

Catalyzing Positive Change

As the “Sustainable Malls & Retail: Pioneering the ESG Frontier Seminar 2024” concludes, its impact is expected to resonate within the industry, catalyzing positive change and promoting sustainable practices.


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