‘Event companion’ Mobile App Konfx Takes Conference, Event Management To Higher Levels

Mobile event management and conference app Konfx developed by home-grown company Gain Secure has incorporated new breakthrough innovations that can only see it going from strength to strength.

The ‘event companion’ mobile app was designed to be a state-of-the-art event management and conference solution that offers the perfect tools to help better manage conferences and events. It works by offering conference organisers direct input on conference parameters onto a single platform.

Now enhanced with advanced analytics, automation and artificial intelligence (AI), the app is now even ‘smarter’ to better manage events while easing communications among all parties involved.

At the pre-event stage, organisers are able to create customised guest lists while also being empowered to plan, schedule and edit the agenda accordingly. What’s more, organisers can also create customisable surveys and questionnaires to gain insights from participants, while speakers can also be promoted due to the app’s ‘personalised profile’ feature.

The app also serves as a RSVP system. Organisers are able to integrate guest lists directly onto the app before sending confirmation emails after attendance is registered. In addition, it also supports 3rd party systems such as EventBrite together with support for Microsoft Excel (.csv) imports together with multiple other systems.

Serving as self-service check-in kiosk, paperless and seamless planning of schedules

For agenda planning, organisers are empowered to seamlessly plan the schedule. They are able to edit and plan the agenda via Gain Secure’s desktop platform which are easily customisable and always in sync with the mobile app. On top of that, the platform supports both multi-day and multi-track events.

For event day, the app promises to be “smooth sailing for everyone involved”.

For participants, the app with the QR check-in function serves as a self-service check-in kiosk.

From the organiser’s perspective, it results in a quick and easy registrations and check-ins via the desktop platform whereby all they need to do is to simply search for attendee’s name on the platform and click a button. It’s that easy.

There is a quick and simple registration process for both organisers and visitors, with the latter always updated with announcements and updates to the agenda and when they occur.

It also serves as a platform to ease contact and information exchanges among exhibitors, speakers, and visitors; while visitor traffic and interests can be measured through the QR check-in function.

What this means is that, for organisers exhibitors and participants, it’s a ‘go green’ solution – paperless and sustainable with all parties doing their part for the planet!

There is also an optional printer feature capable of a 0.5 second tag sticker printing to identify participants.

On the exhibitors’ front, Gain Secure has also invested much thought and ideas for conducive booth check-ins and information gathering.

Visitors can receive brochures and other information via the QR check-in function at exhibitor booths which in turn enables exhibitors to receive contact details and visitor information. This way, exhibitors will be able to track booth visits and gain potential leads.

The innovative digital business card feature aims to ease communication between attendees and allow smoother networkingParticipants can exchange digital business cards by simple scanning the other person’s QR code. After the other party accepts, the digital business cards will be exchanged.

There is also a digital passport feature to encourage visitor engagement and carry out booth activities. Each visitor will have a digital passport on the app that can be used for various activities conducted by exhibitors. This is done through a digital stamp system onto the digital passport on the app. The stamp collection feature has also proven to be a fun social activity in conference.

Konfx’s push announcement function is another winning attribute. Announcements can be broadcasted by organisers and sent directly to everyone using the app. Attendees, in turn, will receive a push notification of any announcement via the app.

Participants can also easily organise their thoughts and ideas through the session note-taking function.This function is always in sync and up-to-date for visitors’ convenience. Hence, participants are able to jot down notes and comments under each agenda item before copies of notes are sent to visitors’ personal emails.

As for traffic monitoring, organisers are able to gleam precious insights on what garners interest and traffic during the event, which also includes individual tracks as well as the main exhibition hall.

Special monitoring device are available for rent and organisers are able to observe traffic flow between rooms. The app also utilises visitor’s individual QR codes to measure traffic with information being compiled in Microsoft Excel reports.

Organisers are also able to measure the success of events organised through event and individual presentation questionnaires. They could be in the form of open-ended questions or via multiple choices may that be single or multiple answer questions, with also a ‘1-5 scoring system happiness scale’ featured incorporated.

The post event processes would be breeze for organiser with the Konfx platform. No more manual calculations necessary! Also, organisers can convey reliable data to exhibitors and sponsors, all conveniently packaged in Microsoft Excel .csv format.

As a platform, Gain Secure’s customers are also able to customise the app to best suit their branding whereby they can enjoy 100% customer branding which is fully supported, as well as incorporating multiple languages such as English, Bahasa Malaysia, Mandarin, Thai and others currently being worked on.

All in all, the Konfx platform with these new breakthrough innovations take conference planning and event management to a much higher level, including support for hybrid events, both physical and virtual.

Gain Secure’s recurring customers – such as Microsoft, Veeam, Nutanix, SITEC, and Fortinet – can certainly attest to Konfx’s winning value proposition of being “any event ‘must have’ companion mobile app” to ensure events run smoothly while delighting organisers and participants.

On the local front, esteemed names such as TM, the Ministry of Education and the Selangor Information Technology & Digital Economy Corporation had turned to Konfx to ensure their conferences and events run smoothly and seamlessly.


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