Electrolux Donates Air Purifiers To Hospital Sungai Buloh

Electrolux Malaysia has donated a total of 40 units of the Pure A9 model air purifiers and filters to Hospital Sungai Buloh, as part of their continued efforts to improve the everyday lives of people.

The Electrolux’s Pure A9 comes with an ionizer technology that has a five-step filtration system that removes 99.99% of bacteria, influenza A (H1N1) and reduces up to 97% of human coronavirus known as HCoV-229E. The PureSense system also continuously measures the indoor and outdoor air quality levels and automatically adjusts the air purification rate for cleaner indoor air, ensuring that the air quality is continuously maintained  

“With our recent donation of top-grade air purifier to Hospital Sungai Buloh, we want to create safer environments and cleaner air for all Malaysians, while alleviating health concerns in areas where the adverse impacts of COVID-19 are felt most acutely,” said Koh Soh Hoie, General Manager of Electrolux Malaysia and Singapore.

Electrolux’s Pure A9 technology is just one step of many in realising the company’s mission by introducing tailored air purification for users: 

  1. PureSense System: The unique technology smartly responds to changes in air quality by continuously measuring indoor and outdoor air quality levels and automatically adjusting the air purification rate. This ensures that you always come home a healthy indoor environment.
  2. AirSurround System: Pure A9 is designed to reach all corners of the room, achieving up to 3 times higher the clean air delivery rate (CADR) than previous generations.
  3. Continuous monitoring: Whether at home or on the go, users can monitor and optimise their home air quality from the Pure A9 app, or simply sit back and let Pure A9 do it for you. Check the job done on a given timeframe, get smart summaries or simply adjust your preferences – the Pure A9 app is the perfect air quality assistant.
  4. Quietly smart: With a minimum noise level of 16,5 dB(A)*, the Pure A9 runs so silent that you will hardly notice it. Even at maximum speed, the noise level is only at 45,6 dB(A) – more silent than your dinner conversation at home.
  5. Tailored filtration: Pure A9 is designed to tailor to your personal and seasonal needs with our 360 filters and five-stage purification. Each filter has a unique smart tag that keeps track of its usage, enabling it to automatically recognise the remaining lifetime even if you were to remove it and re-install it the next season.

The air purifiers and filters donated to Hospital Sungai Buloh comprise of 14 units of the PA91-606DG model; six units of the PA91-406GY model; six units of the DEEP 360 Filter 13 400 model; and 14 units of the DEEP 360 Filter 13 600 model. 

For more information on Electrolux’s wide range of leading-edge products and technology, please check out Electrolux stores nationwide, or visit our website [www.electrolux.com.my].


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