’Duduk Rumah’ With Spotify’s Personalized Daily Wellness Playlist

This CMCO surely tested our wellbeing especially our mental health. Worry not, Spotify has It covered.

Spotify is presenting you ’Daily Wellness’, a thoughtful variety of music and podcast in the ’Made for You’ shelf on mobile, web and desktop. It is refreshed morning and night, specifically based on your listening habits and preferences.

Daily Wellness

In-depth, the playlist will greet you with positive and motivational content to jab your day with a booster. Varying from ’Daily Quote’ to ’Yoga Girl Daily’, the choices shall help you to rise and shine on your new day.

At night, the content shall refreshes itself to make it more relaxing. You can practice mindfulness with ’Daily Breath with Deepak Chopra’, poetry by ’The Slowdown’ and unwind with our music picks. These are all to prepare you to have a tight sleep, a most vital act for self-care.

Liaison Between Social Distancing and Spotify

One thing for sure, streaming is in a lesser amount for the commuters but a number is increasing for those working from home. Also, the playlists were more domestic such as familial activities. Self-help is not excluded.

And living in a society that prioritises knowledge, the news podcasts entered the chart. This medium is to seek for Covid-19 news and how is the condition is around the world. Seems like knowledge is not just at the tip of your finger anymore; it’s at the tip of your ear.

And back to the concept of wellbeing, Spotify helps in terms of keeping people fit and healthy. Times indoors are something valuable especially for those who were busy working back on days without having time for themselves to indulge in activities such.

That being said, in this pandemic period, we’re living our very own challenging time. But remember that there is always silver lining behind those dark clouds. Sit back and relax through Spotify ’Daily Wellness’ Playlist.

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