CyberSecurity Malaysia Hosts Cyber Defense Competition

In an effort to bring awareness to the potential harms of cyber attacks and threats, CyberSecurity Malaysia is organising a cyber competition called Cyber Heroes to attract young talents to show off their cyber defense capabilities and also unearth skilled individuals in this field.

Cyber Heroes competition is a joint event between Standard Chartered Bank and Asia Pacific University which invites local universities students aged up to 25 years old, in search for the top new and highly potential cyber security talents and promote the cyber security culture among young generation. The event will take place in March with registration open from now.

The competition will have participants given certain forensics images and they will need to solve a digital forensics challenge. During the competition, the participants must be able to analyse the incident, correlate data between both images, and finally identify the threat actor. This format is meant to give a glance and exposure to the participants from the industrial perspective. The challenges are developed using a jeopardy-style which involve multiple categories of problems,they will then have to answer questions to get the flags (points) based on samples given. Participants will need to solve as many questions as possible with each questions holding certain points. The team with the most points at the end, wins.

Participation is open to all undergraduates from local and private universities with RM200 registration fee per team. Each university is allowed to send maximum 2 teams, which consist of 3 participants and accompanied by a Team Coach. Only 20 teams will be selected to participate the competition on a first come basis.

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