Cringe Alert! Looking Back At Some Embarrassing Old Versions Of Social Media Pages

Have you ever have those days where you just wanna take a walk down memory lane so you just pull out old photo albums (physical and online)? Then you regret your decision cause you found some extremely cringe worthy photos of yourself and you thought “What the hell was I thinking?!”.

But whatever you post online, even if you deleted it, it’ll stay there forever so if you’re a social media platform, you’re not gonna get out of this one. I wanted to do this for throwback Thursday but I couldn’t wait any longer so now let us look back at what our favourite social media pages used to look like.


YouTube was first launched in 2005 and here are some photos of what our favourite video sharing site used to look like:

The fact I still remember what YouTube used to look like is making myself cringe like this website was like one of the best things to happen on the internet. I’ve also heard somewhere that it was meant to be a dating site? Can you imagine this being a dating site? Nope.


If you were to tell 10 year old me that this page would one day become on of the most successful social media platform in the future, I probably would believe you. I was 10, what do I know? Anyway, Facebook was formerly known as [thefacebook] was first launched in 2004 and today has a net worth of $805.45 billion. But would you look at what it used to look like, wow.


First launched in 2006, this is probably the cringiest out of all the social media platforms on this list. Here is what Twitter used to look like:

Wow. Just wow. Cover your eyes children! I mean YouTube looked better than this. Okay so, yes Twitter used to be known as Twittr and they went through a whole lot of logo colour changes (which I’m not gonna show, you can look them up yourself) before deciding on the famous blue colour that we know till this day.


Last on our list today is not a social media platform but consider it an honourable (or dishonourable) mention. It’s our favourite search engine, Google. The site was first launched in 1996 (oh God I’m older than Google) and here is what it used to look like:

The one of the left is the demo version of the search engine and the one of the right is after it was launched. Glad they didn’t go with the left one because man that is ugly.

So that is it for our list of cringe worthy first versions of our favourite social media platforms. If you enjoy this then I’ll make a part 2 and there’s a lot of them out there.

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