Computex: MSI Bets Big With New VR Gaming Machines


Computex in Taiwan is a hotbed for local manufacturers to show of their latest wares, brands like Acer, Asus, MSI and Gigabyte are all readying their garage to roll out new gaming PC’s for the growing industry. Gartner forecasts that gaming is one of the silver lining for the battered PC industry.

Among the line up of brands, one of our favourite who has successfully maintained their focus purely in gaming series notebooks and desktops is MSI, Early to latch on the sector, MSI here in Malaysia has steadily grown over the years to record target sales year on year, mind you some of these machines cross the 10k mark (in price not score)! They are also dominant in US and selected European countries. Keeping to the esport philosophy, we are interested to see how the brand will navigate through the climate with practically now all vendors are in the space launching new gaming series be it notebook or desktops. Will this be a tough year, as the only growth segment for PC, beside 2 in 1’s is the gaming segment, its getting crowded one dealer claimed.

But MSI is no push over, they have been relentless in their marketing, and the recent launch at Low Yat was testament on the brands commitment in this market, they have loyal fans who find the Red Dragon products of value and quality built.

What got our attention was when the company launched Vortex last week, and now Aegis a gaming desktop series is being introduced and its not bad looking either. These concept bring back times of when at LAN party you see players lugging their self-built machines to DOTA or Counter Strike competitions. Future looks bright for desktop gaming or at least bright machines.

Desktop Revival?

Aegis is set to rock the stage at the MSI booth is Taiwan, along with newer models like the backpack PC, GS73 laptop a slim machine, GT83, and the GS63 Stealth Pro all indication that the company. Another factor that will boost the demand is Intel’s foray with virtual reality. The processor maker is pushing for VR adoption with RealSense, the propriety solution from its technology team, new models from MSI carry VR capabilities, now we need more games to offer this amazing experience via collaboration with HTC Vive. VR games require machines with high performance components.

The new Aegis  uses  an unlocked Intel Core K-series Processor and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX-powered graphics in a 19.6L case, the housing alone allows much fire power to be slotted giving an endless amount of high performance gaming including VR games for the avid gamer. If anything to go by, MSI is known for their built and component balance, after all the company still makes motherboards and graphic cards till today, and they sure no what they are doing.

The Aegis is one example of its resourcefulness and a strong signal to others to keep their distance.

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