Coleman Master Series Launch Experience

Coleman has been around in Malaysia for about 26 years. Setting a strong trend of the concept of “Own the Weekend” to the people. The brand has more than 500 lines of outdoor recreational products under the Coleman® umbrella of brands that includes Campingaz®, Stearns® and Sevylor®. Selected trend-setting lifestyle products made exclusively for the Japan market are also available for the first time in the Malaysian market.

This brand is what brings people together with camping regardless of whether at home, a picnic, or deep in the forest. The passion of the Coleman fans when it comes to camping can be seen at most campsites nowadays during the weekday or weekend. This brand is an ideal brand to educate people to own their weekend the right way. With the various range of products that Coleman caters it has successfully managed to build visibility while ensuring that customers continue to feel passionate about nature.  

The Coleman Master Series is the premium version of the master series which caters to a luxury market. This series will enable our customers to see, touch, feel and understand how much thought has been put into the finesse craftsmanship of this series. This series takes camping or glamping to the next level with the unique design to enhance the camping experience overall. More interestingly, this series carries some special products which can’t be found in any current stores or channels which emphasises the exclusivity that we are giving for the Master Series range customers here in Malaysia.  

The market has really matured, and the brand is determined to grow this with the premium Master Series. To go beyond the current well-known tents models to the higher range which is exclusive in all levels. From the structure to the air circulation which can really showcase the change and upgrade in the overall camping experience.

These Coleman’s top model tents are equipped with special functions that correspond to tough climates and allow families to enjoy comfortable camping with peace of mind all year round.


With a frame structure that achieves both spaciousness and outstanding strength, the ceiling height allows even tall men to move smoothly, the living room is spacious, and it is wind resistant.

Excellent air circulation

A “ventilation system” that utilizes the characteristic that warm air tends to rise. Fresh air is taken in from the lower mesh and warm air inside is discharged from the upper mesh. Ventilation that promotes air circulation in the summer with intense heat and strong sunlight makes it more comfortable in the tent even in summer.

Inner tent that adjusts the bedroom comfortably

The breathable cotton blend material absorbs the moisture inside the tent and expels it to the outside, so you can stay cool in the hot and humid summer and prevent condensation in the winter, so you can spend a comfortable time in the bedroom.

Tent fabric resistant to rainy season and autumn rain

The water pressure resistance of the flysheet is 3,000 mm. A strong 10,000mm is used for the inner tent floor.

Full skirt for winter camping

A full skirt with peg loops is used all around, including the bedroom.

By fixing the peg loops on the skirt, you can prevent mud splashing and insects from entering, while keeping warm air from escaping and preventing cold air from entering, so you can stay comfortable even in winter.

This marks a step forward for Coleman in Malaysia as well as the camping dynamic. We move from the mid-range camping to the premium range camping and your support through this whole journey is very much appreciated. With this launch, the brand creates an experience for the customers to see the features and specifications of the tents while they enjoy an amazing calm evening. 


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