Clash Of Clans Spring 2021 Update Town Hall 14 Has Arrived

Supercell Clash of Clans (COC) has revealed their first major update for 2021 with the arrival of new Town Hall level 14, an upgraded exclusive game.

The new upgrade Town Hall 14 are enhanced with new levels for Defenses, Resources, Heroes, Troops and Spells, and have the ability for the building itself to fight back.

The COC Town Hall 14 revelation are set in a jungle-themed setting, carrying ancient writing of Clash wisdom on its crenellations.

When destroyed, Town Hall 14 will drop the newly introduced Poison Bomb, which deals damage and slows down enemy attacks and their movement.

Town Hall 14 will have 8900 hit points, and it will take 20 days and cost 16 million gold to upgrade. Apart from the upgrades, there are also some changes with the balance.

The new improved version of Town Hall also unlocks at least 25x Wall pieces, 1x Air Bomb, 1x Seeking Air Mine, 1x Skeleton Trap, 1x Bomb, and 1x Giant Bomb. Other secret items will also be announced along with the launch of the Town Hall 14 patch update.

However, this update is not just about the new Town Hall. Clash of Clans team has confirmed it to be massive and quite possibly the most significant content release for Clash.

There’s just so much in it that if you want to dive into all the details, check out the Clash of Clans forum post here.


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