Can Pikom Lead This Years MDEC’s MyCybersale?

MDEC can take pride on the annual eCommerce sale program the government digital agency started, after posting record sales for all three events the fourth installation is set for another record. But this time around Pikom, organiser of PC Fair has been roped in to manage the online sale. The question is, are they capable of handling such an event?

Scheduled to take place from October 9 – 13 the 72 hour national sale event gives opportunity to retailers big and small to have their goods placed side by side for consumers to shop from. The trend of online shopping is rising in Malaysia, MyCybersale 2016 recorded RM211 million in gross merchandise value and projected to reach RM300 million this year. For the first time the National ICT Association of Malaysia Pikom know for its PC Fair cash and carry event will be the lead organiser for the online sale. We can see why MDEC agreed on the collaboration, with over 800 members who are mostly ICT entrepreneur’s and retailers the avenue to have them on board the initiative is tempting. With PC Fair losing its popularity and declining visitor numbers and poor sales, many of the vendors have been looking to online to sell their IT products. Kaira Technologies distributor of Logitech accessories and Netgear routers prefer online than participating in fairs.

Pikom is no stranger in organising large scale event but online is quite different, having no prior experience to managing the largest single online sale event is a big ask. Last year 140 local brands got on board this year the target is 300 exporters with 1000 merchants, can Pikom deliver? Commenting on this Pikom Deputy Chairman Ganesh Kumar Bangah who was the brainchild behind MOL said “We will be collaborating with our partner associations, Malaysian Retail Chain Association, SME Association, Malaysian Wholesale Federation and Associated Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Malaysia to reach out to new merchants and bring them on board,”

The e-Commerce Malaysia chapter chaired by Pikom Ganesh recently formed a task force comprising merchants, marketplaces, payment providers, logistics and fulfilment players. MDEC wants to scale the event higher with more overseas participation and Ganesh is tasked to deliver. Although online retail sales in Malaysia is growing at an encouraging level, it is still far behind the more developed countries such as US and China. However, the good sign for Pikom is Malaysia is expected to grow 23% a year until 2021, based on AT Kearney’s latest report

Pikom is seeking to align more strategic partners in the coming months incorporating other initiatives like e-Usahawan  and micro enterprises in several locations nationwide including holding international marketplace onboarding and training events. With all the pieces are in place now leaves the execution, can the team make this another blockbuster sale for MDEC, all revealed midnight October 13.

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