Apple’s Powerbeats 4 Quietly Shows Up In Walmart

Apple’s latest Powerbeats 4 recently showed up at a Walmart store located in Rochester, New York.

Apple hasn’t officially announced the product yet, so it was quite a surprise to see them being sold at the Walmart store.

Twitter user Eddie Wap spotted them at his local Walmart and shared his discovery on the platform:

This is the only known store so far this is selling the product. The Powerbeats 4 comes in 3 colours; white, black and red, and is retailed at $149.00 (~RM640.00). The Powerbeats 3 and Powerbeats Pro costs $199.95 (RM769.00) and $249.95 (RM999.00), respectively, making the Powerbeats 4 more appealing in terms of price.

Shortly after, Apple Insider managed to get their hands on the latest headphones offering from Apple. The Powerbeats 4 is meant to be an “entry-level” workout earbuds and a direct successor to the Powerbeats 3.

In their hands-on, Apple Insider shared that it’s a good upgrade from Apple and Beats, as it boasts better battery life¬†(up to 15 hours, as shown on the box) and a nicer design.

The box also comes with additional ear tips in varying sizes, a small pocket bag to place the earbuds in when not in use, and a rounded USB A to Lightning cable, versus the flat type that the Powerbeats 3 came with.

It also has this neat feature called ‘fast-fuel’, where the earbuds are capable of providing over an hour of listening time after just a 5-minute charge.

It’s unknown why the earbuds were being sold at that Walmart store, though it’s likely to be an error. Apple has announced the product nor is it listed on their main website, so this is like to be an error on Walmart’s side.

It makes sense too, as the product doesn’t have full functionality yet with Apple’s current iOS. It will probably be made available in the upcoming 13.4 version, which should arrive soon.

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