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Android Allows Apps Access To Photos

Android Allows Apps Access To Photos

In a bad week for Google, the New York Times has reported that Android apps with permission to use the Internet are also able to access photos stored on the device and upload them without users knowing. This news comes on the heels of reports that Apple’s iOS allowed apps access to user’s address book information and photo if it has access to location information.

Android apps are normally required to notify users of what they intend to access and what permissions will be granted, so the news that photos were also being quietly access is quite unexpected.

Google has replied to the report by saying that they are aware of the situation and that it isn’t an error but rather a design choice. Early Android phones has complications with retrieving photos stored on SD cards and developers chose to allow apps access to photos in this manner.

It’s news like this that leaves consumers worried about how Google will handle their data after the change in privacy policy.


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