Grab Announces Astro Radio Collab – Will Anyone Use it?

Grab passengers can now choose to enjoy Astro Radio brands during their rides Grab Malaysia’s latest in app feature allows passengers in the Klang Valley to pick and choose their entertainment from a range of ten Astro Radio brands when they book a ride, all via the Grab app. The initiative aims to provide a […]

Realme 3 Launching In Malaysia Soon

The Realme 3 is launching in Malaysia on the 21st of March. Realme is a subbrand of OPPO and is to rival Xiaomi’s Redmi and other budget brands. This will be the 3rd iteration of the Realme phone even though it’s only been in the market for less than a year. The phone has some […]

Apple vs Qualcomm: How It All Started & What It Means For Us.

Apple vs Qualcomm: The saga continues.. Qualcomm has told a San Diego jury that it wants Apple to pay US$31 million in damages for patent infringement violations, in what is the latest development in a case that threatens to outlast the Trump administration. These kind of legal battles don’t normally catch the attention of the […]

OtterBox Announces Lineup For Galaxy S10 Series

Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Series hasn’t been out for very long at all. The pre-order date was the 20th of February 2019 and was finally made available on March 8th. Samsung’s new flagship actually comes in three variants. The Samsung Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10+. The South Korean smartphone manufacturer for the first time, is introducing […]

Apex Legends On Course To Be The Next Big Thing

Houston, we have lift off.. While it may not be ascending at quite the break neck speed it enjoyed during its first week of launch, Apex Legends continues to rise at an unbelievable rate. The game has skyrocketed to 50 million registered players, making it a quarter the size of Fortnite in just over a […]

AMD Radeon GPUs Day-0 Support For Devil May Cry 5

Devil May Cry fans are pretty content with the release of the new Devil May Cry 5. Players are continuing the story of demon hunters Dante and Nero. The brothers are hired by mysterious “V” to basically kill things and cause havoc in Red Grave City. But there seems to be some more good news […]

Tesla’s New V3 Supercharger Can Recharge Car in 20 Minutes!

A full charge of your electric vehicle in under 20 minutes; Imagine that! Tesla has unveiled the third-generation version of its Supercharger charging station, designed to power up electric vehicles as quickly as possible. The new model, which is aesthetically similar to its previous models, will be able to support peak rates of up to […]

PS4 Remote Play Out For iOS; Taking Mobile Gaming To The Next Level

Have you ever wanted to play your PS4 on a trip but didn’t want to lug that heavy machine around? Well say no more, PS4 Remote Play has been updated to support iOS. To do so, you’ll have to download the Remote Play app for your iOS device. You then pair the PS4 with your […]