Acer Windows Mixed Reality VR Rolling Out To Rival HTC Vive

Microsoft HoloLens is targetted for commercial use and the Windows Mixed Reality headset will be for gaming. This is the software companys goal and is relying on the good relationship with PC vendors to realise the project. Announced last year, Microsoft together with Acer, ASUS, Dell, HP, Lenovo, and 3Glasses will be offering a range of […]

Uber troubles again: treading the legal line with Greyball

Uber has had troubles after troubles in the US – from politics and IP lawsuits to corporate culture harassment claims and most recently a row with a driver. This time, however, trouble’s gone global. What was made initially as a program to weed out users using Uber services improperly, has turned into a program used […]

Switch it up: Zelda launches on Switch (and other games)

Nintendo Switch is released today and one of the first big titles on it is The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It’s an open-air adventure, where you travel as Link across vast fields, forests and to mountain peaks as you discover what has become of the kingdom of Hyrule. There’s also an expansion […]

Nintendo Switch 101: [ICYMI] it’s released

Nintendo Switch is finally released. Here are some things-to-know if you don’t know much about it yet. It’s basically a console that isn’t tied down to a TV. You could play with it docked and connected to a big screen, as a hand held with the remotes tagged to the side of the console, or […]

A wearable Windows 98

Nostalgic factor is in trend this year. After the reveal of the Nokia 3310 (with snake!), Redditor Lord_of_Bone revealed his little side project –  making a functional, wearable version of Windows 98 on Raspberry Pi. The self proclaimed amateur technology project maker wrote on his electronics project blog 314reactor about the project and showed off […]

Nice To Have But The Porsche Design Notebook Isnt Cheap!

During Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this year, they were many obvious absentees and also new vendors, this made up of otherwise what would have been just another communication fair in Europe. While the biggest announcement centred around 5G and Huawei launching the P10, there was a buzz at the booth occcupied by Porsche Design, […]

The Everywhere Compact

Sony RX100 IV Reviewer: By Amir Rothman   Pocket Friendly Design This small, magnesium-alloy camera fits into pockets easily and the smooth, grip-less metal means the camera means there’s less for your fingers to hold on to but the RX100 IV is fairly easy to handle. However, a wrist strap is definitely recommended to avoid […]

UEM And Google Looking For Coding STARs

STEM subjects which involves Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics is the core fields of study for students seeking to embark on entering the digital innovation scope that sweeping the globe today. To further equip themself a general knowledge on coding and basic computing skill is necesssary. Making this possible for our children, UEM Group together […]